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Thread: Newsletter for 4th September 2020

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    Newsletter for 4th September 2020

    For the latest news from Scotland see our ScotNews feed at:

    Electric Scotland News

    It's been an interesting week as I was contacted by Debra of Clan Baird and thanks to her efforts and also the Clan Commander, Richard Holman-Baird I have been able to add a lot of new information on this clan on the site. We have a new history of the clan and a good bio of the chief and also got in copies of the past 4 newsletters with more to come.

    You can see this and more at:

    Here is the Forward to the new history book (A Memoriall of Baird)


    Richard Holman-Baird of Rickarton, Ury, and Lochwood, Commander of Clan Baird

    Our thanks must go to Isaac Baird, Branton Baird and his mother, Debra, for putting together such a comprehensive Baird History. I have, personally, learnt a lot more about my own roots than I knew before I opened its covers! It is well researched and should be a compulsory read for all Bairds.

    As your newly elected Commander, I hope I manage to live up to everybody’s expectations and can take Clan Baird forward to greater times for the future.

    Best regards



    Also got in an interesting account of how the Battle of Killicrankie site is in danger of having a road driven through it and decided to make this the Story of the Week. You can read more about this and watch some videos on our page for the battle at:

    Scottish News from this weeks newspapers
    Note that this is a selection and more can be read in our ScotNews feed on our index page where we list news from the past 1-2 weeks. I am partly doing this to build an archive of modern news from and about Scotland as world news stories that can affect Scotland and all the newsletters are archived and also indexed on Google and other search engines. I might also add that in a number of newspapers you will find many comments which can be just as interesting as the news story itself and of course you can also add your own comments if you wish which I do myself from time to time.

    If you back CANZUK, you should also support the D10 - an alliance of democracies
    The subject is topical because Erin O’Toole, the new Conservative Party leader in Canada, sees CANZUK as a top priority.

    Read more at:

    Did eating out help out?
    Economists might scoff at Sunak's scheme - but it's had the desired effect. 64 million meals eaten as part of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme in the first three weeks of August

    Read more at:

    California's green dream is actually a nightmare
    Even before the California crisis, repairing chronic defects in electricity markets from the West Coast to the Midwest, and New England was already seen as a priority. Now it is an absolute necessity, and it's high time.

    Read more at:

    World's most expensive sheep sold for 368,000
    A Texel lamb has become the world's most expensive sheep after being sold for almost 368,000 at an auction in Scotland.

    Read more at:

    Graham’s The Family Dairy knocks Irn-Bru off top spot to become Scotland’s number one food brand
    Firm credits a move by consumers to supporting local during the pandemic as it topples the soft drink to become Scotland's favourite.

    Read more at:

    British Army must ditch Challenger tanks for new land warfare strategy
    Gen Barrons said axing Challenger would liberate the British Army, rather than impede it. Over the last twenty years technology has marched on,he said.

    Read more at:

    Sterling rises again
    All those who think sterling will fall every time there is no progress on a Brexit deal need to think again

    Read more at:

    Canada statue of John A Macdonald toppled by activists in Montreal
    Activists in Montreal have pulled down a statue of Canada's first prime minister Sir John A Macdonald, who was linked to cruel policies that killed many indigenous people in the late 19th Century.

    Read more at:

    Who is the government's new top civil servant?
    Simon Case has been appointed cabinet secretary and head of the civil service - and thus takes on the unofficial title of the most important man in politics you've probably never heard of.

    Read more at:

    The other public health crisis killing Canadians
    Opioid deaths have been rising again in the shadow of the pandemic, notably in the Canadian province of British Columbia, where overdose casualties have reached historic highs. Is enough being done to end this second public health crisis?

    Read more at:

    Black holes: Cosmic signal rattles Earth after 7 billion years
    Imagine the energy of eight Suns released in an instant.

    Read more at:

    Scotland's oldest weaver fears end of era of Scottish craftmanship is looming
    Great-grandad Rob Beaton started his career aged 14 as a textile mill apprentice and uses a loom dating from 1928.

    Read more at:

    Profit and Loss and Mr. Biden
    Before getting into profit and loss I would like to share a quick personal story.

    Read more at:

    Nicola Sturgeon says virus is spreading again in Scotland
    Nicola Sturgeon has warned that coronavirus is spreading again in Scotland as she defended restrictions that have been imposed in the Glasgow area.

    Read more at:

    Scottish pupils being taught less and learning less
    The party's Holyrood leader, Ruth Davidson, said schools were planning to cover less ground in subjects such as maths and English this year.

    Read this at:

    Time for change at the BBC
    The BBC are their own worst opponents.

    Read more at:

    Electric Canadian

    The Fascinating History of Scottish Highland Warriors
    How much do you know about the military history of Scottish Highlanders? Did you know that there are more highland regimens in Canada than any other country, including Scotland? Have you heard of the famous Highland Charge, used on the battlefield against British troops with muskets?

    Read about this at:

    Thoughts on a Sunday morning - 30th August 2020
    By Rev. Nola Crewe

    Watch her video at:

    MacKenzie King
    Prime Minister of Canada, A biography.

    You can read this at:

    Electric Scotland

    Beth's Newfangled Family Tree
    Hi Everyone. Time passes so fast. We have trouble with our days going by so quickly. Goodness, and then you think about weeks and months...and even the years just whiz by. I always think about the saying, "I thought it would take longer to get old!" Mmmm. Not quite yet for us!

    Here is Section A for September. I always just enjoy the process of creating something from blank pages. I hope you enjoy reading what somehow gets done for you. I am fortunate to have Tom to do the proofreading for me. He is a cracker-jack proofreader! It is a real truth that you do not proofread what you do.

    I always think of the time when I was a graphic designer for the shopper in Kissimmee, Florida. The front page ad that week was for the western wear store just across the street from the shopper. Our process was for two people to proof everything. One person read the copy and the other person checked it against what was on the paper. Normally, our publication was very close to perfect.

    That day was the only sick day I had in the years I was employed there. I was not even present and was so very glad. It seems that the western wear store had "KNIT SHIRTS" on huge sale in that ad. I saw the ad later in the paper and the knit shirts were in 36 point type (BIG). I was told that our boss was the one looking at the ad when it was proofed. It was only when the publication was printed and distributed that it was plainly obvious that the "R" was missing from the word shirt. Oops.

    It is amazing how the Scottish community has responded to no anything. We have clans having Zoom AGMs and Conference Call meetings of all kinds. We have Games presenting music and videos and many, many things to keep us all in our Scottish world. The Scots are the most creative people in the world. Why am I surprised?

    I'm not really, to be honest. I completely realize how everyone responds to the need for creativity.

    Remember to let me know if you have a new email address. Remember to send me your genealogical queries and your Flowers of the Forest information. Just email <>

    Please remember to stay safe.


    Read this issue at:

    Scottish Society of Louisville
    Their newsketter for September 2020 Newsletter can be read at:

    Scottish Society of Indianapolis
    Got in their End of Summar 2020 newsletter which can be read at:

    Clan MacKillop
    Added a couple of books with information on the name. You can get to this at:

    Reminiscences of Twelve Months' Service in New Zealand
    As a Midshipman, during the late disturbances in that Colony by Lieut. H. F. McKillop, R.N. (1849) (pdf)

    You can read this at:

    Scottish Weaponry
    Added a video about Weapons Used During the Jacobite Period. You can watch this at:

    A vertical connection to God: the euphoria of Gaelic psalm singing
    The Gaelic language may be in steep decline, but a collaboration between the composer Craig Armstrong and traditional Hebridean singers hopes to keep a centuries-old style alive.

    You can watch a video at:

    Added two publications to The History of the Town and Castle of Dumbarton, Ancient Records of Dumbarton and the three volume The Book of Dumbartonshire.

    You can find these at:


    The Battle of Killiecrankie a resounding Jacobite Victory.

    On the 27th July 1689 a Scottish Government red coat army of 3,500 men was defeated by a small highland clan army of just under 2,000 Gaels. It was a resounding victory for the highland clans later to be called Jacobites, supporters of James II of England and VII of Scotland.

    The Jacobite Wars have been hijacked over the last 250 years by many. Each group telling their own interpretation of the history. This started by the Jacobite song writers such as Robert Burns, ‘Braes of Killiecrankie’ and Lady Nairn who were not alive through the Jacobite period.

    Lock down due to the Corona pandemic led me to do ten live sessions from Killiecrankie Battlefield. I live on the battlefield, so access was not a problem, complying with all the restrictions in travel that Corona required.

    The live sessions told the story from two first-hand accounts of the battle. General Hugh McKay the Scottish Government red coat army commander and from Cameron of Lochiel, Viscount Dundee’s right hand man, both leaving detailed accounts. Viscount Dundee the brilliant Jacobite commander did not survive the battle. You can view these sessions on our web site


    What I and those who watched the sessions learnt, was that the Battle of Killiecrankie reflected Scotland’s two very different 17th century societies Lowland and Highland. The Scottish Government Army was composed of Lowland English speaking scots, commanded by a highlander in General McKay. The Highland Army were mainly Gaelic Scots commanded by a Lowlander, Viscount Dundee.

    There was only one English regiment on the field of battle, Hastings Regiment on McKay’s right wing. Hastings was so poorly equipped that General McKay had to despatch ‘fire locks’ to them from other regiments to give them some protection.

    My six time great-grandfather fought as one of the forty strong Jacobite Cavalry at Killiecrankie.

    My four times great-grandfather fought in the 1745 Jacobite rising. He was arrested and tried in London like so many other Jacobites. What is not often told about these trials, is that English Jacobites did their best to try and free as many Scottish Jacobites as possible. Our own family account of James Rattray’s trial tells us how people unknown to the family got up and spoke up in support of James Rattray and how he was acquitted.

    I tell you this as so many over the centuries have portrayed the Jacobites as some kind of struggle between the Scots and the Westminster Parliament. Remember that in 1689, Scotland had its own parliament and was separate country except for sharing the same monarch.
    The real story of the Jacobite Wars was that it was a clash of Scotland’s two cultures. The highland Gaelic Clans supporting James II and VII, a Catholic who believed in the divine right of Kings. The English speaking lowland culture supporting the Protestant dynasty started by William and Mary.

    Unfortunately the highland culture came out on the wrong side of the Jacobite Wars ending at the Battle of Culloden in 1746. This allowed measures to be put in place by the victors that changed the highland way of life for ever.

    Let’s not forget this struggle of highland versus lowland culture has continued through the centuries. Gaelic was banned in Scottish Schools up until very recently. Remember the Scottish Education system was one of the four opt-outs that Scotland negotiated when it agreed to join with England to for the United Kingdom in 1707. The Scottish Parliament was dissolved and the English Parliament was dissolved and the UK parliament created.

    This highland versus lowland culture continues to this day. Here at Killiecrankie the site of a famous Jacobite victory, Transport Scotland are determined to drive a new carriageway through the very area where many of the 2,500 men died in 1689. A continuation of the centuries of struggle of Highland Versus Lowland cultures.

    We have put together a couple of videos that depict our research as to why the route chosen by Transport Scotland will destroy the very heart of the battlefield. You can see these videos on our web page

    In a letter dated 28th August 2020, Michael Matheson MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, dismissing any new evidence we highlight in these two videos, by stating the Public Enquiry he set up is the final decision maker. Those of you who chose to view the videos will see questions we ask about the quality of some of the facts that Transport Scotland put forward as evidence to the enquiry.

    It is disappointing that our Scottish Government appears not to believe our highland history has any value.

    James Rattray - Chairman of the Soldiers of Killiecrankie, a local constituted group who campaigns for Killiecrankie Battlefield.


    And that's it for this week and hope you all have a great weekend and mind and keep your distance, wash your hands and stay safe. Don't be stupid or selfish and instead be considerate of others and wear a mask if going shopping or into a crowded place and consider whether you should indeed go into a crowded space in the first place. I also wish our Canadian friends a Happy Labour Day on Monday.


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    Re: Newsletter for 4th September 2020

    I thoroughly enjoyed the videos associated with the story this week. Blessings on all the local historians like James Rattray who do so much to keep these events alive!

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    Re: Newsletter for 4th September 2020

    Totally agree.


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