Welcome back . . . and let’s explore what makes change.

I am convinced that meaningful change only happens when you make it happen. Commitment only comes when you commit. Faith only holds when you welcome God into your life and into your home and into all that you do.

Make change for the better . . . it changes your life for the better . . . and mine too!

Good morning . . .

Thanksgiving is over . . . COVID is rearing its ugly head again . . . and Christmas is threatened.

And your neighbours and mine are back into unemployment, businesses are on the brink of destruction
and more and more children are sitting in front of their computers instead of in their classrooms.

We need to work together to find solutions . . .

Pray for our country and our world. These are really rough times for so many. And I will pray for you.

And I hope you will share yours with me on YouTube or send me a note to DameTemplar@gmail.com



Rector – St Monica’s Anglican Church
Grand Prior – Canada - OSMTH