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Thread: THoughts on a Sunday Morning - 15th November 2020

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    THoughts on a Sunday Morning - 15th November 2020

    Living together is increasingly difficult in a world in which those who know how to use the media well seek to forcibly impose their values on a world which has not adopted them. How to move together, share and debate, discuss and allow for differences?
    Let’s explore the colonizers of the 21st century.

    As 2020 draws to a close and winter is near, let us look at one of the saddest aspect of the 21st century: not COVID-19 but the suppression of those deemed not politically correct and the loss of free speech in a nation founded upon that value. It is a strange and frightening world in which colonization rears its ugly head and silence is imposed on those who do not agree with those who consider themselves the superior in wisdom and truth.


  2. Thanks Rick thanked for this post.
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    Re: THoughts on a Sunday Morning - 15th November 2020

    Thanks Alastair and Nola, I have been struggling against "woke" for some time, and had never thought of the parallels to colonization. Very helpful!

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