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Anglo-Saxon searching Scottish roots.

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  • Anglo-Saxon searching Scottish roots.

    First ever post to ES - - -so Hi everyone. I have made some progress with my family tree and hope to find something in common with other members whether it be surnames or places etc. Here are a few clues : Watt of Montrose; Nicoll of Brechin; Phillips of Strathmartine; Dick of Markinch. I can trace them all to about 1800. Just now very interested in one of Dundee's forgotten pubs at Strathmartine Road / Symers Street / Cox Street, about 3 miles north of the Tay.
    Roll-up Scotland, I'm all ears,

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    Re: Anglo-Saxon searching Scottish roots.

    Hello Geoff and as one retired engineer (auto) to another...... welcome

    Not sure that you will have a lot of help here, but who knows....

    I have given advice here, to use, then select Mailing List for the areas in which you have an interest.

    Here is the info which will take you to through.... to the Perthshire site, you might have to select other areas.

    Do not hesitate to ask for more help.

    Good Luck

    Falkirk UK

    scroll down to 'Mailing Lists' (on left side)

    Then select 'Index (Browse All Lists)'

    Scroll down and select 'International'

    There you again have to scroll down to the line one past that starting with 'Poland. e.g the next line second last entry is 'Scotland' click that name

    Now scroll past Clans' to 'Perthshire', click and select 'Subscribe to Perthshire-L' (NOTICE the -L)

    You will receive an email window, which if correct names etc, just send. DO NOT ADD ANYTHING

    You will receive an email to confirm, and in future should there be any messages you will receive them by email. You can also set down your question, which might be about birth date etc.

    When replying to a message, only include the relevant section in your message.


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      Re: Anglo-Saxon searching Scottish roots.

      We do have a lot of information on the site about Dundee which you can get to at

      We also have a complete Gazetteer of Scotland as well and I'd certainly recommend using our site search engine either in our Toolbar or on the web site to find what other information we may have.



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        Re: Anglo-Saxon searching Scottish roots.

        Geoff, I do not see a pub in the area, but is the attached the correct area?

        Alastair has given you some great suggestions, which are on the es site.

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