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  • Introduction

    The Clan Home Society's primary purpose is to preserve the history, culture and traditions of this great Border clan and, wherever possible, to help individual members in their genealogical research.

    A newsletter, known as "The Home Works", is published by the Society.

    The Society's Annual General Meeting is held on the second weekend in July at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in Linville, North Carolina.

    If you'd like to visit the clan website go to:

    Issues of "The Home Works" will be posted here each quarter.

    Clan Home is the Scottish group which is proud of its own air force. The Clan Home Air Force (CHAF) flies stealth Sopwith Camels (instrument rated) and does "fly overs" at almost all Scottish Highland Games. You'll find membership information and more details in any issue of "The Home Works."

    Members of all clans are most welcome in CHAF. If you are the first member of your clan to join, you become the Commander of the Clan Henderson Wing (for example).

    CHAF T-shirts and CHAF wings are available. T-shirts are $22.50 and the handsome wings are $22.00. The wings are the same size as regulation Canadian Air Force wings since our Air Marshall, Albert C. Eaton, is originally from Canada. Read a "Home Works" or email for more information on CHAF. When you join you also get a FREE stealth tattoo kit and a membership certificate.