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The Ballinafad Oral History Interviews

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  • The Ballinafad Oral History Interviews

    You have all been very patient. It is with great satisfaction that we can invite you to go to Updates 52 and 60, dedicated to Ada Thompson Kirkwood and Alma McEnery Sinclair. There you can listen to the interviews we did as part of the Ballinafad Oral History Project in collaboration with the scottish Studies Department of the University of Guelph. They will take you back to the pioneer days of Ballinafad. This has been accomplished through the expertise and determination of Alastair to whom we express our deepest gratitude.

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    Re: The Ballinafad Oral History Interviews

    I had to contact Alastair, in order to find where the updates could be located.....

    Although the 'update 60' is listed in the 'What's New', it is well down on the list, and 'update 52' is no longer listed there.

    I therefore suggest the following link be used, and scroll down for a list of ALL 'updates'



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      Re: The Ballinafad Oral History Interviews

      Thought I should mention that I am now working on getting the videos dome on this Oral history Project.

      I have so far got up 3 of the CD's I was provided with and have thus done a new page so you can get to them which you can see at...

      I don't know the people being interviewed so if you do know them feel free to use the comments system on the site or on YouTube to add this information.