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Our challenge to the Scottish Business Community

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  • Our challenge to the Scottish Business Community

    Over many years we have tried to provide our site visitors with information on the companies in Scotland and their organizations. We have contacted Jim Mather MSP and all he could really do was provide me with contacts in the Business community. We have emailed them all and tried to talk to them voice but phone messages are never returned. Our emails are not responded to.

    We can only conclude that the people that run these business organizations in Scotland are foreign agents bound and determined not to let any information on Scottish business to get out of Scotland.

    We suspect that the Scottish Chamber of Commerce has a secret agenda to hide their some 10,000 members behind a stone wall and ensure no-one ever gets to hear about them other than other Scottish Members. As that can only harm the economic health of Scotland we have come to that conclusion. After all any sensible business organization would want to actively help get out word in any reasonable way it can about their activities and that of their members.

    And so we ask the Scottish Business Community to bypass these organizations which are holding them back and communicate with us direct so that the world will get to learn about your existence and what you offer.

    Those of us outside of Scotland know there are billions to be made across the world and yet the SDI are proud of the 300 million they have helped to raise for Scotland. We say this only touches on the much larger potential that is out there. When asked for any details on their work they always site privacy which, to be frank, is just an excuse for saying nothing. It's like a marketing person saying 'I'm afraid we don't have any budget' which is just another way of saying 'NO'.

    So our challenge is out there to any Scottish business to take this opportunity to tell us about your business and what it can offer both domestically and around the world.. Don't let your business organizations hold you back!