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Business does not always need to be in a large town

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  • Business does not always need to be in a large town

    It will not be suitable for all businesses, however others could benefit.

    Even I found a benefit moving from Glasgow area to Falkirk.

    I wonder how Alastair might comment on the story?

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    Re: Business does not always need to be in a large town

    Here is a story from New Brunswick in Canada...

    Charlotte County, New Brunswick - An Aquaculture Success Story

    Once hard hit by unemployment, the economy of Charlotte County, in southwest New Brunswick, has been economically transformed by aquaculture.

    Aquaculture now accounts for more than 3,000 full-time jobs in the local area, representing 25% of the entire workforce. Direct employment wages, salaries and benefits expenditures are estimated at $47 million. In the related supplies and services industries - such as boat building, net and cage manufacturing, machine shops, etc. - it is estimated that an additional 2,900 jobs have been created. These positions add close to $46 million to regional payrolls.

    On the island of Grand Manan alone, there are approximately 240 direct and indirect full time, year round jobs that are related to the salmon farming industry. Projections indicate that a 30% growth in employment can be realized in the next few years - bringing 73 new jobs and an additional $1.3 million in wages to the island. Tax revenues to New Brunswick from the salmon farming industry on Grand Manan now exceed $4.5 million.

    “Be it Resolved that the Village of Grand Manan supports and encourages the continued growth and diversification of the Aquaculture Industry within Southern New Brunswick.”

    Now compare that story to the one on Lossiemouth which you can read at

    Scotland's fishing industry has been devastated due to EU policies and it has lost some 100,000 jobs as a result and devastated many rural communities in Scotland.



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      Re: Business does not always need to be in a large town

      Also fish farming has brought the food produced with the budget of the average person. I remember in Scotland when salmon was just too expensive for an average wage earner to buy. I don't think I tasted fresh salmon until I was an adult.



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        Re: Business does not always need to be in a large town

        There was evidence of all sorts of fish farming along most of my recent trip from Mallaig all the way down to Campbeltown. It certainly has not replaced the 'old' fishing industry.
        One of my 'fall back' books is the 'Tales of Para Handy". One of the stories, written in the early part of the 1900's even refers to the lack of herring in Loch Fyne.
        Over fishing has devastated the fish stocks all over the world. I even recall in the 50's that Scottish boats could not fish in the Clyde. Our fleet actually registered in Eire and then came back to fish their own waters. French and Spanish boats were using smaller meshes, trawling everything they could take and what was not directly for human consumption was then 'processed' into by-products such as fertilizer.
        Fish Farming is not without its own 'problems' and there are many who say that it is causing problems with the wild fisheries in terms of introducing parasites and diseases.
        It is true that salmon is now available as a 'cheap' food.
        Similar parallels can be made with the Poultry industry.
        Meanwhile very little Scottish Mutton is very hard to find and it used to be very common. Sheep farming in Scotland is in decline. Dairy farming is in absolute free-fall (as it is also in Canada).
        A wee bit of a ramble I know, but having just listened to some of the crap coming out of the so-called 45% something had to 'give'. Hope somebody would explain to the weans that once the rattle was thrown out of the pram, shouting and screaming alone will not get it back...


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          Re: Business does not always need to be in a large town

          I'd forgotten that about the poultry industry. We used to have chicken for our Xmas dinner when I was a kid. It wasn't a meal you'd have weekly.