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  • no punctuation

    a look at where I am today I ponder wonder should I stay
    or should I take another path accept completely come what may
    staying is the safer choice but what about that other voice
    the voice that says move on old man find newness if you can
    but can you leave the comfort found the ease the joy which does confound
    the warmth you feel can you forego the ease with those you do not know

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    Re: no punctuation

    some punctuation...
    The rock.
    The rock is there and I am game to try
    To reach a summit which seems to touch the sky,
    while deep within I wonder why.

    I met the rock by chance while looking here and there,
    looking for what I did not know, but did become aware
    that a thing missing from my life, was care.

    I acted and felt like I was fine until I looked inside,
    found emptiness, unholiness, a shell protected by pride.
    And the rock spoke, said, "no more can you hide".