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    It's official, Maple Leaf Tartan is Canada's tartan
    By BRIAN LILLEY, Parliamentary Bureau

    Conservative MP James Moore announced after caucus today that the Maple Leaf Tartan will be the official symbol of Canada, in Ottawa, March 9 , 2011.

    OTTAWA - Canada now has a national tartan.

    Heritage Minister James Moore announced Wednesday afternoon that the Maple Leaf Tartan is now Canada's official tartan.

    The Maple Leaf Tartan was created by designer David Weiser in 1964 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Confederation in 1967.

    "This is something that a lot of Canadians have called for," said Moore. "As a West Coast British Columbian who is a quarter Scottish, I've sort of been very surprised by the number of Canadians who have had a great deal of enthusiasm behind this." The Maple Leaf Tartan was used in the closing ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics and has been adapted by the Second Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment Pipes and Drums.

    In 2008, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, then in charge of heritage, registered the Maple Leaf Tartan with the Scottish Tartan Authority under the name Dominion of Canada. The move reserved all rights to the tartan to the Government of Canada.

    Last December, Liberal Senator Elizabeth Hubley moved a bill to have the government adopt the tartan as an official symbol of Canada.

    "The Maple Leaf Tartan has been Canada's unofficial tartan for a long time," Hubley told QMI Agency. "It's not overly flashy, it's a nice blend of colours. It's a very beautiful tartan."
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