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Slowcoach and his Friends Story 2

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  • Slowcoach and his Friends Story 2

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    Slowcoach and His Friends story 2
    Posted on December 7, 2010 by Jim

    Slowcoach and his Friends

    “It is time for all little boys to be in bed “ called Tayne’s Mummy as he played with his toys on the floor. “Lets get you ready” she said picking him up.

    Tayne did not mind going to bed now as he knew that when he fell asleep he could spend such a wonderful time with his new friend Slowcoach. They would explore all the nooks and crannies and meet all the Mermaids and Mermen he had seen on his last visit to the secret pool in his dreams.

    Later, as he lay tucked up in his little bed nice and cosy , his eyes soon got heavy and he fell into a deep sleep, the ripples on the surface of the pool came into his mind as once again he entered the enchanting world of the secret pool.

    Tayne looked around and there was Slowcoach waiting for him as he had been told to by King Neptune.

    “Hello Slowcoach, what are we going to do today” ? he asked his little friend.

    “Would you like to explore some of the ledges and caverns in the pool and also visit some of my friends who live there?” asked the little seahorse.

    “Yes” Tayne answered excited by the thought of another adventure and looking forward to meeting more of Slowcoach’s pals.

    As they swam across to the other side of the pool Tayne looked down at the bottom and there was a strange sight, a shell seemed to be walking across the sand.

    “What’s that?” asked an ever inquisitive little boy.

    “ Come and I will introduce you to Horatio, he is a hermit crab”, explained Slowcoach.

    “ Hello”, he called to the Hermit.

    Suddenly the shell stopped moving and tipped over on its side, then a tiny head and lots of small legs appeared from the bottom of the shell.

    “Hello Slowcoach, and who is this you have with you today?, seeing his companion for the first time.

    “ This is Tayne, he is my friend , he come to visit us in his dreams and King Neptune has told me that I must look after him and show him all the wonders of the deep, because he saved my life”, answered Slowcoach.

    “ Nice to meet you Tayne, but I must be on my way as I am moving my house to another part of the pool”, calling goodbye he wobbled off with the shell on his back.

    Tayne was really amazed when he was told that the shell was Horatio’s home and it kept him safe from any unfriendly visitors who tried to catch him for their tea.

    After moving off Slowcoach suddenly stopped!

    “What’s wrong”, asked an alarmed little boy.

    “Do you see that big hole in the rockface”? asked his friend.

    Taynes eyes opened in wonder as two huge blue claws came out of the dark cavern, followed by a small head, stuck on it were two long dark red ariels weaving about. Little black beady eyes rolled from side to side on his head watching for anything that moved about outside the hole.

    Seeing the two visitors, he quickly moved back into the darkness.

    “It’s alright Larry we have only come to visit you”, called the seahorse.

    Hearing this, the lobster inched his way out again.

    “Who is your friend?” he enquired in a voice full of suspicion.

    “This is my friend Tayne“, was the reply, then he told Larry about the King’s order.

    Tayne was a bit frightened of Larry’s big claws, but Slowcoach assured him that he was friendly and would not hurt him. After talking to him for a while they decided that it was time for them to go. Just as they were about to leave Larry stuck his ariels outside and growled, “Wait there is danger out there” as the ariels started to quiver .

    “How does he know,?” asked Tayne.

    “The ariels warn him of any visitors and he can tell if they are friendly or not, that is why we can feel safe when we visit him”, replied the seahorse.

    After a few moments he put out his ariels again , waved them about and told them it was safe to leave. Saying their goodbyes, the two friends made their way out of Larry’s home.

    “What are these strange looking things sticking to the rocks?” asked Tayne trying without any success to remove one .
    “They are called limpets and winkles and you will never be able to them with your little fingers, They have suckers underneath their shells which stick fast to the rocks, this keeps them in place in all weathers” explained an ever patient little seahorse.

    Tayne’s mind was in a turmoil, he could not believe all the things he was being shown, he had never imagined there was so much life beneath the surface of the sea.

    Trying to pick a limpet off a rock a big seahorse came past and on its back was King Neptune who was pointing down to the bottom with his trident, which was the name for the long pole that he had seen on his last visit to the pool.

    Looking down to where the King was pointing, Tayne thought he saw something moving but it had disappeared quickly, suddenly it appeared again for a moment .

    “Who is that “ Tayne asked with a look of amusement on his face as a tiny little head with small feelers bobbed in and out of a hole in the sand. Swimming down for a closer lookhe asked the tiny creature what his name was.

    “I’m Sammy the Shrimp” came the reply in a high squeaky voice as his head bobbed up and down in the hole
    “ What are you looking for ?” asked Tayne.

    “Something to eat as I am hungry and also watching in case someone wants to eat me” said a nervous Sammy.

    Turning to Slowcoach, Tayne said to him ”Why does everyone want to eat each other down here? “

    “I’m afraid that is the way of things, it is called the law of nature and it can be very cruel at times” answered his friend.

    Tayne decided that he was very lucky as his Mummy and Daddy kept him out of harms way in the world above the waves.

    Slowcoach decide that they would have a rest, so the started to swim into the weeds for a little while, Tayne could not help laughing as the weeds Tickled him as they flowed back and forth with the tide.

    “ It will soon be time for me to go home, but I will come back and visit you soon and we can explore more of the Secret Pool” he said to his friend.

    Slowly as they made their way out of the weeds a little green crab went scurrying along the bottom of the pool .

    “Wait” called Slowcoach

    “I can’t” came the answer rather rudely as he scuttled off sideways with his claws clicking furiously.

    “Who is he , he seems rather grumpy?” asked Tayne

    “That’s Claude the crab, he is always in a bad mood, he never has time for anyone but himself, always moaning and groaning and forever in a hurry though he never seems to do anything“, the little seahorse explained.

    Soon they arrived back at the cavern where Slowcoach lived, before leaving he asked if he had enjoyed his visit.

    “Yes I have and it has been nice meeting all your friends and learning about life in the pool, I really liked Sammy he is so funny bobbing up and down in the sand”, Tayne told him.

    “I am glad you enjoyed your stay and I will be waiting for you when you come back to see us” said Slowcoach, then he flicked his tail and disappeared into the hole in the rockface.

    Next morning Tayne awoke, rubbing his eyes he tried to remember as much as possible about his visit so that he could tell his Grandpa later when he went down to visit him. After telling him about his dream, Grandpa gave a little smile to himself as he remembered his visits to the pool as a small boy and a little seahorse called Slowcoach.

    Jim Campbell