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Thread: Fallbrook Update 54

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    Fallbrook Update 54

    Sandy has added Update 54 which includes a most interesting account of a Scots family and their subsequent departure to settle in Canada.

    You can see this at


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    Re: Fallbrook Update 54

    Hi all,
    we are very late in following up on the Kirkwood history. It is in the works. However, we have not been idle. We are editing over 50 hours of interviews done with the last of the pioneer descendants,mostly Scot and Irish crofters, who founded the Ballinafad farming community 30 km.northwest of Toronto. Once edited than woven together under different themes,you will get a firsthand account of everyday life in this once thriving community. A painstaking labour of love being accomplished by Fallbrook descendants Jim Kirkwood and myself and Graeme Morton and James Jensen of the Department of Scottish Studies, University of Guelph. Thanks to Alastair's continuing support of our cause, you will see extracts of the interviews right we are all volonteers,and with crickedy bones,you must be patient. Cheers and thank-you Sandy McKay

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