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    Just Me

    I give u life and you show me death I'll walk with you til the dying breath our strength is lost and far from here But bring me the worst for I have no fear Now bounded here in trust and faith I will no quit and will leave with grace. We are all pawns in the game of life It's what we sacrifice to become kings and queens of the game that makes us great I'm left alone once again as the truth settles in that my one and only friend is a bitter man that lives within his only wish just a gun asks for bullet but only one Fully loaded within my hand My only friend would kill this man There is no such thing as innocence Just degrees of guilt

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    Re: Just Me


    These two poems of your's are very deep and complex. I agree with Granny, write them in a journal. This also helps to ease your pain from serving in Iraq. I love you!

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