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Thread: Camping at The National Historical Park at Cumberland Gap, Kentucky,Tennesee, & Virginia.

  1. Camping at The National Historical Park at Cumberland Gap, Kentucky,Tennesee, & Virginia.

    When my kids were still relatively young, we started camping at this location, Cumberland Gap. Historically, it is quite important to the beginning of opening up the West, early on. The Gap is a gap through the mountains, which occured naturally, although have heard that the area of Middlesborough, just slightly to the North of the Gap, was formed in a bowl like depression, which was supposed to have been formed from a meteor hit, many years back. I continue to take friends with me down there, as there's something about the mountain range, the Pinnacle, & just the quiet, woodsy atmosphere that draws me. I did not camp last summer, as was preoccupied with working part-time. However, at this point, I am beginning to get the itch to wander down. I have a GMC conversion van, & I can actually sleep in it, there's a couch that can be made into a bed for one, or you can sleep on the couch. I have it fitted out with all the camping paraphenalia, like an ice chest, tarps, flashlights, etc. I will go this year when it warms up. It is a mainly primitive area, and there's word that black bears have come up from the south, although I didn't see any. I remember reading that first Mike Tomkies book down there, sitting in a folding chair, with my feet up on the picnic table. Occasionally looking up & seeing a buzzard lazily flying overhead, or hear the scuffling in the leaves of a little squirrel. This is a park that is not visited excessively like the Great Smokies Natl Park. When I go, it's like coming home for me, and I get that old feeling when I start seeing Pine Mountain. I cook on a kerosene cooker, one burner, have basic needs met. They have hot showers, nice bathrooms also there. I am treading where Daniel Boone, and Dr. Walker trod. There is also a visitor center, where they run an hourly movie telling about the history of the Gap. Lincoln University is just south, in Tennessee, about 10-15 miles. There's a Lincoln Museum there, with two great sculptures of Lincoln. Check it out on your maps!

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    Re: Camping at The National Historical Park at Cumberland Gap, Kentucky,Tennesee, & Virginia.

    I don't know if you've ever read the writing of John Muir but I certainly enjoyed his meanderings around the USA. Volume 1 was particularly interesting and he sure slept rough many a time. You can read his writings at

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