I go out every day to gaze at my landscape, the only things performing as they should, are my multiplier onions, & the three kinds of garlic, including the giant garlic. (of course the garlics will not be harvested till the fall!) I attempted, on the last dryish day, to cut a path back past the barn, to the woods, but succeeded only in about a 2-3 ft swathe, sort of a path....so I can get my big cart back, loaded with trimmings, & wood off two bushes that I'm trying to "delete". Have been unable to plant any seeds in my two garden beds, & there's plenty of weeds growing up, including cosmos & borage that seeded themselves from last year. I, nor my neighbors have been able to do gardening as such. It was raining today, and yesterday, instead of coming in from the west, the rains came from the east! Does anybody out there in our world have any luck in getting a garden started??? Let me see the sun rising on someone's horizon.....Please!!!! Joan