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Thread: New season planting

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    New season planting

    Purchased some plants yesterday and put them in the garden. I now have eggplant, zucchini, capsicums, basil and lettuce. i watered them well, went inside and then a storm came over. Torrential rain came down for a couple of hours. I went outside to see if they had survived and they are all looking perky!!

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    Re: New season planting

    For gardning proucts and tools of gardning should ready before season start ."The most commonly available, easiest to use, and relatively safest herbicide is one with the active ingredient glyphosate. Brand names include Roundup, Kleenup, and others. The best way to tell whether you’re getting the product you want is to ask your hardware store or garden center associate to help you. Be sure to read the label and look for the active ingredient glyphosate".

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