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Thread: Which Cell Phone company has international plans, line, etc?

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    Which Cell Phone company has international plans, line, etc?

    I'm almost old enough to travel by myself and I'm going back to my parents country very soon down SouthEast of Asia. I'm very close to my family so I have been wondering alot which cell phone company got international plans, Because i want to be able to call them from southeast asia to the U.S. and of course make calls from the U.S. to Southeast Asia. A lot of people said that At&t is my best option, but I wonder about the other companys as well like Sprint or Cricket. Any Suggestions? Please answer me! The earlier the better for me; to be prepared.Thank You!

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    Re: Which Cell Phone company has international plans, line, etc?

    You may be best to check with all the major carriers but also what the rates might be in SouthEast Asia as they might actually have a better plan. It kind of depends where you will be staying for the majority of the time like will it be USA or SouthEast Asia? All carriers do offer roaming but it's usually an extra charge where you do this on an international basis. Like I know I can get local calling in USA and Canada but not elsewhere. That means I need to switch plans if going to another country. So you also need to check about that and ensure you can switch plans on a temporary basis if needed.


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