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Thread: Cherokee Morning Song

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    Cherokee Morning Song

    Preparations for an exhibit is always an unbelievable amount of work. Even though much art is already finished there are always lots of planning to work through. The old school of Chilocco to be the host location this year is wonderful for me simply because it is so close. Everything there is handy for Rhonda and the whole family has always for years and years found every event a time for great memories to be kept.

    An unbelievable requirement for an artist to practice self-discipline is heaped upon our poor souls in order to give a good showing of our work. There are brief interludes when the muse rests on our shoulder and we are compeled to work. Most of the time, though, is tied up with just the
    trivial little duties of cleaning brushes, mixing paint, blocking in canvases, etc. etc.

    On the patio of the student union building where I will set up June 7,8, 9 on the Chilocco campus will once again let me visit with old friends who were once like family and will be so wonderful. I made many Cherokee friends, not knowing at the time of high school I actually had a Cherokee grandmother.

    Enjoy the Cherokee morning song as I did

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    Re: Cherokee Morning Song

    Hello to all of us! I just finished reading a book that has a great deal to do with the Cherokees, their way of life, etc., before some of them were moved out of the Smokies. Here's the title:

    STRANGERS IN HIGH PLACES, The Story of the Great Smoky Mountains, by Michael Frome. Pub. Doubleday, 1966

    "Attakullakulla, who was called by the whites the Little Carpenter, was a highly civilized, practical statesman. He was able to bring varied conflicting minds together in the political framework of his nation."

    That's just one small part of this wonderful book. Hope someone who's interested in these things will try to find it. It's also about the beginnings & the allocation of land acquired for the Smoky Mountain National Park. Plus much about the mountain people. Joan

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    Re: Cherokee Morning Song

    We have a book about them on the site at


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    Re: Cherokee Morning Song

    I'll look this up, Alastair.

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