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    Hellooooooo to all! I have just added a new (to me) cat to my other two guys. She's a dilute (muted in color) tortoiseshell tabby, spayed female. I have pretty much named her "Bimble" , after a very small town in Kentucky, on the way down to Cumberland Gap. At this time, she's lying down inside the litter box on the back porch. (The back porch is the other cats' sleeping area, & where they watch for a mouse to come out of a hole!)

    I let Rennie & Duncan out there to meet her, but she didn't want to be friendly (much) & warned them off with a slight hiss. I brushed her, getting gobs of hair out of her "untouched" coat, & also used a baby wipe on her fur. She lived at a veterinarian's office place, with a lot of other cats in a "cat room". Looks like nobody ever brushed her fur. Anyway, this is an ongoing tale/tail? We'll see what goes down in a few days. The cat boys will want to sleep out on the enclosed back porch this evening as is their usual. Hope all H e double toothpicks doesn't break out!! Thought you all might want to hear about this regard to "PETS". Joan

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    Hi, again to all after a few "hours" away...that's a joke, guys... I lost my cat Rennie not too long before I moved over to Hamilton, he died of renal failure. I moved my female cat Bimby over, and about one year ago, I adopted a black tortoiseshell teenage cat, she was 6 months old, now she's one year & a half. She looks taller now than Bim. They keep me company here in my condo. I do work as a volunteer at a close by animal shelter, & am glad that I just have 2 cats now. I have done much improvements here, recently had new ivory color plantation shutters put up on two picture windows. Also had difficulties with my dryer here, & had a service guy here to fix. $$$ I have plans to work more on painting inside, but seems as though I never get finished working!! Today was a verry bad weather day, there were 4 car wrecks on a bridge over the Ohio River (Cincinnati), as we had cold rains which turned to ice. Lots of trees which still had their leaves dropped limbs because of the ice covering all. My TV, computer, & phone were all out due again, I guess, to the bad weather. Got them back at 3:PM though. See you..Joan

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    Re: New Cat....

    As to power outages... here in Chatham, south west Ontario... we rarely have a power cut and when we do it's usually not more than an hour. However a couple of years ago part of a tree came down on my porch and took out the power and it was some 10 hours before they fixed the issue. I was wondering what to do with myself having no Internet access.

    As to cats... don't know if you have heard of Beth Gay that edits Beth's Newfangled Family Tree.. but she has both indoor cats and outdoor cats. The outdoor cats are wild but she does put feed out for them and generally they tolerate her. One of her indoor cats used to feature regularly on her newsletter as she'd dress her up depending on the time of the year and would include a picture of her in the newsletter.

    Then there is a family in Port Crewe who have many outdoor cats and no indoor ones. I was once visiting when she put out cat food for them on her porch and then out of nowhere came around 20 cats all enjoying the treats.


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    HI, again.....When I lived out in the country near to Brookville, Indiana, I had a myriad of cats on my place. A mother cat, whom I called Marigold, came back to my barn so as to have shelter, & food when she had babies. Cannot remember how many times she showed up, but at least 3-4 X's. I found a very tiny kitten, climbing through the rocks of the foundation of the barn, which was built years ago, with timbers pegged together with pegs. She was tiny & hungry, & I kind of adopted her, or she adopted me. Named her Zubi. She lived with me for about 3-4 yrs, inside & outside. However she was kinda a "wild child", as she would climb up a tree in front of house, jump over to porch roof, then up the larger part of roof, & go to a chimney at back of house, where she'd be sitting way up there, & staring down at me. She appeared to have no fear. Not sure how long Zubi was with me, but one morning I looked out the front door, & saw this black little thing lying just on the edge of the road. Of course she was dead, & do remember it was on November 11th. (can't remember the year). I still do have two kitties here in my condo with me, Bimby, & Frankie. Both are what's called tortoiseshell cats, one is dilute gray, & the other is black. Love them dearly...they keep me company & give me love in their own ways. Frieda Kate M

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