As I am a great reader, & still a "scholar", I've set out to study the American Civil War, which am approaching in many directions, including this book written by Grant himself. This smallish book is published by The Library of America. It was highly recommended on Amazon, where I think I bought it. Grant was a much more accomplished person, than I had thought previously, as I'd read that he finished West Point way down in his class. However, this guy had a huge hand in turning the tide in the US Civil War. He was a brilliant manipulator of his men, a great general. One thing I thought was wildly weird...he had his young 13 year old son with him during the Siege of Vicksburg!!

Another positive thing about this book is the picture one gets from reading about his travels, as he was born at Point Pleasant, OH, but by horseback (at a later time) he rode all over, to Cincinnati, & varied other places. It's amazing to read about how all the population traveled, including the many miles marched on foot, by the Union soldiers during the War. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone who desires to learn about an outstanding man & soldier. He was also good friends with Mark Grant was very ill & dying while he was writing his memoirs, Twain encouraged him to finish the writing. This was so his wife & children would have some kind of income! Grant died, I believe, of cancer, just after completion of this book. Included in this volume are letters written to his very beloved wife, & to others. I'm on page 345, & am only through 3/4's of this book. Joan