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Thread: Historical Articles

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    Historical Articles

    It just occurred to me that if there was a Scottish Historical Review there might just be a Canadian Historical Review and indeed there is but just 2 volumes available. I have been working my way through these today and have extracted a number of articles.

    Today I've added...

    Annual Reports of the Department of Indian Affairs

    The Royal North-West Mounted Police
    I discovered another two book about them so added them to the foot of this page.

    Canada at the Cross Roads
    By Agnes C. Laut. This is a very interesting read and actually raises some issues that are still alive and well in Canada.

    Immigration and Settlement in Canada 1812 - 1820
    By A. R. M. Lower

    Correspondence of an Emigrant
    A series of letters leading us through an account of sailing from Scotland to Canada and through the settling process.

    Banking in Canada
    We've created this new section to explore the Banking industry in Canada and our first focus in on the CIBC bank.

    The United States and Canada; a political study
    By George M. Wrong (1921)

    Edward Blake's Aurora Speech, 1874

    Essays on Wheat
    By R. H. Reginald Buller

    Canada and the Imperial War Cabinet
    By George M. Wrong

    The Growth of Canadian National Feeling
    By W. S. Wallace.


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    Re: Historical Articles

    I might add that a few of these are book reviews and where they are I've gone looking for a pdf copy of the book and where found have added it to the page.


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