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Thread: Referendum on EU membership

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    Referendum on EU membership

    The experience of the 80s has conditioned us to think that this new Tory Government is in for the next 15+ years. We forget that Thatcher would not have made it past 1984 if it hadn't been for the Falklands War. Eton Boy might well be looking for a "Falklands factor" to secure his re-election minus the Liberals. Starting a war is a bit risky but allowing a referendum on EU membership might produce the same effect. It would cause difficulties for UKIP although I'm not sure they would complain and might lead to the British right wing re-uniting.

    I'd always thought that we'd leave the EU as part of the Independence process or afterwards. This idea might change things around.

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    Re: Referendum on EU membership

    From what I can see the SNP are keen to retain membership of the EU if they do get independence. Mind you I am personally in favour of leaving it.


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