Gramma Lucille Big Goose Feathers had such a dry wit. Her depth of personality made me feel she was truly my grandmother, just as she always called me Granddaughter. You see this is the way of the Ponca. If at some point in history a person grandmother was sister or brother then forever after the relationship follows for generations, forever. This was how Gramma Lucille called me granddaughter. She would send me the most beautiful cards on my birthday that read, “Happy Birthday treasured Granddaughter.” Let me tell you this is a very nice feeling.

Once when Mother drove over a medium to take Gramma directly up to her door I told Mother, “Maybe you shouldn’t drive over this medium. It is here so people can’t drive over this space.”

“It’s all right!” Gramma Lucille looked straight at me, “It’s ourrrrrr land!”

With this reasoning I make an answer to those who question my motives on these writings for in fact there are no motives at all. My simple mind has no answers to the problems of society, none what so ever. If a Republican is elected or if a Democrat stays in office, let me tell you, I have no hidden agenda to try to influence anyone toward either side, or any religion or anything else.

The truth is these postings are just a way to hold myself to focus on trying to get through another day and I don’t advocate my lifestyle to anyone. I love the family motto the adults around me enjoyed repeating years ago.

“Everyone to their own likes, the old man said as he kissed the cow."

As a child this always sounded so funny to me, but something in the saying
of the phrase stuck with me, and so it is today.

“Every one to their own likes.” My “likes”are loving the land, and caring for this little plot here for grandchildren and whoever else.