This man obviously is a preacher of some denomination I do not
know, but I must say he has done some homework on compiling facts.
None of this would bother me except that it is so dry here in Ponca
City, Oklahoma.

There was a fire close to a friend’s house and while the brave firemen were fighting that fire it started pouring rain. That was just a few days

“Look Mom!” her little daughter said, “God made it rain to help the firemen!”

Other than that brief downpour there has been no rain. Lovely Fescue grass under the tress that was so green and lush is all dead now. The cracks in the ground testify to the drought like weather. The articles I’ve read are comparing this drought to the one in 1955-56

Not to make myself to be so ancient, but I do remember that year. It was a bit like this with a promising spring of lovely gardens and verdant horizons only to burn up and become as brown and brittle as this is now.

We here in Ponca City, Oklahoma have had the good fortune to enjoy the planning of our ancestors who built these lovely water features for us to enjoy.

We lived in the pool during the 1955 and 56 years, and now our great
grandchildren are doing the same thing.