Being a Journal of Travels, with narrative of return journey after three years exploration by Sinclair Thomson Duncan (1911)


Some years ago, I had an opportunity of travelling round the world, leaving London in a sailing ship going out by the Cape of Good Hope, and after visiting Australia I returned to England by Cape Horn. After that, I delivered lectures in Edinburgh and other large towns in Scotland about what I had seen and heard while on the voyage, and reports of the lecture appearing in various newspapers being much in my favour, I ventured to publish the whole of my notes in book form. That venture having become a success, it has encouraged me to publish my travels from Shetland to British Columbia, Alaska, and the United States of America. I spent three years in accomplishing the journey, a portion of my time having been occupied in visiting relatives and other friends.

I have endeavoured to give in the following pages what I consider to be a fairly good description of what came under my observation, and I trust that the reading of what I have witnessed in the Western World, and my journeying elsewhere in that far-away land, will be useful information to the public. At the same time it is hoped it will prove as interesting and amusing as it was to me, especially when among the Indians on islands along the Pacific Coast, and at other places of interest inland when crossing and recrossing from ocean to ocean through the Dominion of Canada.


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