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Thread: The Bee Orchid in Great Britain

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    The Bee Orchid in Great Britain

    As I was browsing on the Guardian, which I have on Google "buttons", I came across this lovely little "bee orchid" film by the Natural History Museum. This is of course, in Great Britain. I've never seen one of these, but felt that the video was wonderfully beautiful, in the landscapes & also the two different wild orchids shown. Wonder does Scotland have any of these little flowers? Maybe I like it so much, as we're having such a drought, & extreme heat!! Enjoy?!!! Joan

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    Re: The Bee Orchid in Great Britain

    Hello Joan

    I contacted the secretary of the Scottish Orchid Society, who kindly looked up his records.

    I am advised that to date, the 'bee orchid - ophrys apifera' has not been found in Scotland.

    But you never know what the future might bring ? lol

    For the interest of the society, I did pass on the link you gave.


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