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Thread: God Didn't Make Little Green Apples

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    God Didn't Make Little Green Apples

    God Didnít Make Little Green Apples?

    My fingers are sore from using the apple peeler. The limbs on the apple tree are so weighted down Iím trying to get as many off as possible to give the poor tree relief.

    Motherís folks dried food and this is what Iím doing. Rodney built me
    shelves on the back porch some time ago. They are perfect for this. They are of wire and let the air circulate as opposed to a flat wood shelf.
    I put butcher paper on them and the apples on that. A bushel of apples will dry down to just a few packages and I put them in the freezer. The heat we are having allow them to dry in one day!

    A newscaster with the Olympics in England this year of 2012 told of the war while Hitler was dropping bombs on the Brits. Their motto became, ďStay Calm, Carry on,Ē and this was a encouragement to me. So these little green apples are my busy work.

    If anyone choses to make apple pies this little tool is a wonder for peeling apples. Iím sorry I waited for all of my life before I got one.

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    Re: God Didn't Make Little Green Apples

    HI, Donna...many years ago, when I was at home with the family, I had a Victorio (can't remember exact name) seeder/processor. I'd put quartered tomatoes in the big "holed" funnel, & crank, & then I'd get seeded mashed up tomatoes, out of the spout below. No skins, either. Would then cook that down to save for tomato sauce, & can it into quarts. Also had a berry screen for it as well. If you look back at my poem called "Constance is here", that's what I was doing prior to the Victorio. I sure canned a lot of food in my time!!! That's why I don't now!! Joan

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    Re: God Didn't Make Little Green Apples

    I hear you Joan on the canning. I have pulled a muscle or something in my shoulder from
    turning that crank on the apple peeler. One of the grandchildren took over on that and how
    wonderful that was, otherwise there would have been no more apples. My sister thinks I should
    take them to the farmer's market. The flea market is going great guns too. I hate to pick a bunch though and not sell them, those would go to waste, just can't get to them all at once.
    Shouldn't complain, the tree is in bad shape due to the dought, so might not have it for long.

    Thks for reading, Joan

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