And Old East Lothian Agriculturists by John Martine (1883).


THE articles which form this volume appeared some years ago, at intervals, in the columns of the Haddingtonshire Courier, and latterly in the Haddingtonshire Advertiser.

Many old friends importuned me, again and again, to collect and publish them in a volume, assuring me that they would be read with interest.

In compliance more with their wishes than my own, I venture to place them before the public of East Lothian, and others, and I hope they may prove interesting.

The articles are very varied and desultory, and I am sensible that many defects and omissions will be found in them, but I trust that critics will not be too hard on me, as this is my first attempt in book-making.

I beg sincerely to thank very many old friends who encouraged me in my task by readily and kindly ordering copies of my volume.

16 Viewforth Terrace,
Edinburgh, January, 1883.

I will say I really enjoyed doing this book as it's not only very well written but the content itself is also of great interest.

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