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Thread: Looking for some info on early Medieval Scotland

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    Looking for some info on early Medieval Scotland

    I'm doing a research, and since information on this is particularly hard to find, I wondered if there's someone here who can answer a question regarding early medieval Scotland. There's a lot of information about old Brehon law which functioned in Ireland from around the Vth century AD until much later. However, I was wondering if, during the period of the 8th and 9th centuries, this law also was also applied in Dal Riada, that is, the descendants of Irish immigrants who built the kingdom in the 6th century that would later be known as Scotland, after its merging with the Picts. I read somewhere that the Brehon laws were brought by the first Irish settlers, but whether they applied in the 9th century is what I want to know.

    An obscure matter, I know, but this seemed one of the only serious Scottish history message board I could find. If there is another place where this may find a better answer, please let me know.

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    Re: Looking for some info on early Medieval Scotland

    You should simply search the main site for "Brehon". Under the menu "EScotland" you'll find "Search our sites" and clicking on that will take you a search page where you can search the whole of the web site which if you don't know is the largest site on the history of Scotland and the Scots at home and abroad and is thus an educational and research resource. You'll find some 40 links on a search of "Brehon".


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