As seems usual for me these days when I read a book I often find a reference to a person that I've never heard of but sounds like an interesting character. And indeed in this case I've found a small mine of information on the Folk Lore of Scotland.

Walter Gregor was a teacher, minister and a Folklorist and based in the North East of Scotland. In doing some research about him I discovered a short biography of him and John Henderson then found some genealogy information about him. I then found he was a founding member of the Folk-Lore Society and had contributed much to their publication. He has also published many articles and books in the Hebrew, French and Spanish languages. So all in all quite a character.

Through the Internet Archive I found the first 7 volumes of the Folk-Lore Society in which he made many contributions so have made them available for you to read. I also found...

Counting Out Rhymes of Children
Kilns, Mills, Millers, Meal and Bread
Notes on the Folk-Lore of the North-East of Scotland

and have made these available as well.

So having made all this available you've likely got a few weeks reading in front of you <grin>

In Notes on the Folk-Lore of the North-East of Scotland you'll find chapters on...

The Child
The Nursery
Boy Code of Honour
About the Human Body
Dreama, Divination, &c.
The House
Evenings at the Fireside
"Black Airt" and Devil Compacts
Place Rhymes
Place and Family Characteristics
Animal and Plant Superstitions
Times and Seasons and Weather
Christmas, New Year's Day, &c.
Countings Out
Washing Day
Boats and Fishing

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