This forum is mainly to announce new books we're starting or in some cases to profile some articles that we add to the site.

When we announce a book I try to give you a wee introduction to it so you'll know if this is something you wish to read.

Note however that it is our habit to not add a complete book due to being told over the years that we put up too much for anyone to read. That being the case we will usually add either a chapter per day or a chapter per week. So when you click the link to read a new book we announce you might only see one or two chapters added but more will be added until the book is complete.

We sometimes add a pdf of a book so instead of adding the whole book to the site we may simply create a web page where we will provide an Introduction to the book and then provide a link to download the pdf of it.

Please note that this is simply an Introduction to this forum and so once posted we close the thread which means you can't reply to it. However if you want to comment more generally on this or some other topic then feel free to add a New Thread.