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Thread: Talking to Yoursel: A Sign of Sanity!!!

  1. Talking to Yoursel: A Sign of Sanity!!!

    Hey to all...Here's a link to a newsletter that I get every week. When I was in nursing school, & trying to REMEMBER all the certain steps to a procedure, I often talked out loud to myself. My teacher/supervisor/counselor reprimanded me, as she obviously didn't understand my making myself learn in this way. However, I did learn, & have been successful as a nurse, case manager, etc. If anyone is interested, you can sign up to get these newsletters. I initially got this from a friend of mine. But because of my working with mentally ill clients, I really like this newsletter. PS: I KNOW that the title is Talking to Yourself: etc. My fingers obviously slipped!!! Ha.

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    Re: Talking to Yoursel: A Sign of Sanity!!!

    Hi Joan

    Very interesting site.

    I have a grandson at uni presently studying psychology, so will see if he knows about the site.

    Did you know about the two psychology professors walking down a street in opposite directions.

    When the met, one said to the other "Your fine, how am I?".


  3. Re: Talking to Yoursel: A Sign of Sanity!!!

    Many thanks, Ranald. Having worked with my mentally ill clients, I learned that sometimes they're much more kind/nice than people who don't have their difficulties. I also believe that no matter how old one is, we all can learn something from reading in different genres. Like the joke above as well. Joan

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    Re: Talking to Yoursel: A Sign of Sanity!!!

    This reminds me of the time myself and a workmate were working on re-cladding a shed. I heard the other bloke's voice, out of sight round the corner say,"Where the hell did you put your hammer?" Then I heard the same voice say, "It's in your other hand."
    Talking to yourself may be OK but if you start answering yourself...?
    I talk to my cats all the time, does this count?

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  6. Re: Talking to Yoursel: A Sign of Sanity!!!

    Hello, John "Albalad"....I hate to bring this fact out about myself, but I have three cats here inside the house, & I talk to them & and they answer me. Also have had a litter of kittens born last July out in my barn, but am down to one lonely black male teenage cat. I talk to him, and he thinks I'm his mom. He wasn't around to get his supper this late afternoon, & I went looking for him in the woods, calling "Here, kittie, kittie...etc." He finally answered me, & came with me back to the barn to eat.

    Cheers, glad you're with us! J

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    Re: Talking to Yoursel: A Sign of Sanity!!!

    I do it quite often and have done since I was young. I remember getting ready to go to work one morning when my mother got up from bed and called downstairs to me, " Who are you talking to?"


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