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Thread: Intense Cat's Eye Makeup...for GOING OUT!!!!

  1. Intense Cat's Eye Makeup...for GOING OUT!!!!

    I am posting this with "tongue in cheek" as have just had this whole month (it seems like!!) two cataract surgeries. Am still instilling the many, many eye drops, like about 8 a day. me, this eye makeup is more than intense, it's chilling. Doubt if ever, I would put black stuff onto eyes for any reason. Of course, that's MOP. Hope you all enjoy....


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    Re: Intense Cat's Eye Makeup...for GOING OUT!!!!

    Hi Joan, I am about to join you with a second cataract op.
    The right eye was done last year, but it also has glaucoma, therefore although much better, will never be perfect.
    I don't think I would suit an eye makeover as per video lol


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    Re: Intense Cat's Eye Makeup...for GOING OUT!!!!

    Hey Joan,
    Wow! Those are some really really dark eyes! I don't think I ever put that much make-up on even when I was a stupid teenager! I don't use make-up now as it just shows my wrinkles!! Now Ranald, you might want to try this technique. It might look good on ya!!! Glad you made it through your eye surgeries. Keep putting those drops in as there is nothing as precious as your sight.

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