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Thread: Interesting brain wiring also finger grip evolution

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    Interesting brain wiring also finger grip evolution

    From the following link take the second link down:-
    'Scan reveals intricate brain wiring'

    Then afterwards take the third link:-
    'Artificial finger grips evolution'

    I found the both facinating.


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    Re: Interesting brain wiring also finger grip evolution

    Th finger grip article reminded me of something which happened many years ago. I used to be what they called a "daycare mother" which meant that I looked after a couple of children in my own home while their parents went to work.

    I went shopping one day with my youngest who was about 3, a little boy about 15 months and a 6/7 week old baby. I had the baby in my big pram and the 15 month old sitting in a pram seat which attached to the pram handles. My 3 year old was walking.

    Calamity! I was in a shop looking at some items when the 15 month old suddenly bounced hard in the pram seat. The whole pram tipped with the handle tipping towards the floor. The 15 month old fell out (no safety belts in those days) and the most amazing thing was the baby who was catapulted out of the pram and instinctively grabbed onto the pram handle. There he was hanging there like a little monkey. His grip was so tight that I had to prise his fingers off the handle. I don't think I'd have believed that if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.


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