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Thread: Just dropped in for a pint

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    Just dropped in for a pint

    This used to be the most active forum on the "old ES".
    Just thought I would crack open the door and see what stoor came oot...

    I am back in Ontario again for a few weeks. Woke up this morning and thought I was back in Kirkie, pouring rain and wind. Just what I left.
    Of course the Boss was telling me that is nice over there since I left. That would not surprise me.
    Checked out West where I am heading soon and it is sunny but -29c. Good thing I brought my winter woollies.

    Oor hoose is still standing, and is actually reasonably clean. It's our Stephen's b'day this weekend so expect to have a few beers and lots of food.

    Nobody behind the bar, so I helped myself to a beer from the fridge and put the money in jar.
    no Pennies though, they are out of circulation in Canada now. So how come I got two in my change from Walmart on the way here...


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    Re: Just dropped in for a pint

    You're a glutton for punishment Sandy...but enjoy your visit.
    We have been washed out has rained for most of the week and some flash flooding around the place. Peeked out the windae this morning and seen blue sky, so looks like things are improving, I'm looking forward to the drier months ahead.

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    Re: Just dropped in for a pint

    Is he no married yet that Stephen? Awfy slow, must be over 40 now. About time he settled down.


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    Re: Just dropped in for a pint

    OK Antie Elda. He`s well ower 40 now. That must age his parents!!!!
    Still no merrit and from what I see and hear not likely to. Need tae kick him oot o the hoose and see whit happens!!!
    Still we have the mandatory 4 grandweans and maybes I`ll get to see all of them this year - as opposed to just the youngest....
    That`s another story.

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