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Thread: I"ll See You Again

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    I"ll See You Again

    February 26. 2013

    Short icicles hang from the eves or the front entrance and shafts of sunlight shoot through them so the drops of water coming off are a little like a crystal jewel catching all the hues of glittering light. Snow is a white blanket across the lawn.
    We are trapped by a small drift behind the car parked under our front carport.
    The world has stopped, we are caught and no one cares.

    A cycle of a learned coping skills dating back to the time we were taken from our lovely Osage home to the unreal living conditions of the old farm house of Motherís grandparents has come back to me and I find myself either making quick decisions for whatever bizarre circumstance is upon me or floating away to another world and I am at one with Alice in Wonderland. Thereís the white rabbit, the mad hatter, and whispers of the old queen who keeps yelling, ďoff with their heads.Ē

    My heart reaches out to an artist friend to the time before she went into a rest home. A whole series of Alice in Wonderland paintings were completed and hung to exhibi in lovely frames, under glass and in a good size, too. At the time I couldnít understand her obsession. I do now.

    A word must be spoken about the death of a dear friend. They found her in the hallway of her lovely home in the same clothes she wore to have breakfast with friends.

    I want to sing at her funeral but havenít heard any word of who is making arrangements. The flights cancelled due to weather has kept her daughter from California away.

    And so here is the song I hope I can sing:

    Iíll see you again, whenever spring breaks through again
    Time may lie heavy between
    But what has been can never be forgotten

    This sweet memory across the years will come to me
    Though the world may go awry

    In my heart will ever lie
    Just an echo of a sigh, Good-bye.
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