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Thread: Cat walking Toy Cat down the Hall!

  1. Cat walking Toy Cat down the Hall!

    Sorry, guys...I can't help it...I saw this & had to share it with all of you!!! Please forgive me?

  2. Re: Cat walking Toy Cat down the Hall!

    I have to admit guys, that these kitties remind me of mine! I still have my older cat, who is very smart, she's 8 years old now. Then I also have a black tortoiseshell cat, who, I have to admit....she's in her teenage years. She goes into the waste basket, & takes out say an aluminum foil top of something, then she's races down to the basement with it in her mouth, trying to get away from me. She then (with my threats!) drops the item, & rolls over on her back innocently. I am getting older, as are we all! However still volunteering with an animal adoption foundation every Friday. Made some fine friends out there, not counting the cats & dogs. Joan

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    Re: Cat walking Toy Cat down the Hall!

    Good video Joan... thanks for sharing. Both cats look to be good fun lovers <grin>


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