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Thread: Finally Painting Help in direly needed Bathroom!

  1. Finally Painting Help in direly needed Bathroom!

    Having a right shoulder in bad shape, i.e. adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), I requested my healthy daughter for aid & assistance in painting my bathroom. I bought the paint, a lovely aqua, having the other paints here already. So, at long last, having just had a verry busy weekend last weekend, going to wedding, flying to Md, & VA, I had a call & my only girl said she'd come & paint. Brought my rather large grandson, who will be 15 this coming week. He's getting quite tall. So, she painted & I corralled him into working on hauling brush back to the woods, cutting down some tall grasses, & starting to cut down a giant bush by the drive. I of course, had to keep running in & out, encouraging one, then the complaints though. Fun to be with one's kid & grand-kid. After all, I go to the grands' plays, & birthday parties, etc. Yes, & I hopefully did my last physical therapy on Thursday. See doc on Monday. Cross all your fingers!???


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    Re: Finally Painting Help in direly needed Bathroom!

    Good organisation there Joan... and have my fingers and toes crossed for you!


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    Re: Finally Painting Help in direly needed Bathroom!

    I know how you feel Joan. 15, even 10 years ago I never thought twice about painting whole rooms by myself. Except for ceiling which I never could reach :-). Now, I can't even motivate myself to think about it. Like you I fortunately have a big grandson (almost 20) who is always asking me what he can do for me. Bless him, he's the light of my life.


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