The following is from an in---the---beginning *** THE LITERARY DIGEST ***

(From a Gentleman of the New world declaring about the quintessential folks of the Old)

"A speech delivered recentlie called attention to the fact that,
for the last four or five centuries, there has not been a time
but has found its Scotchman to make authentic appeal,
through the medium of literature, to the hearts and imaginations
of the English---speaking people. He said:

-------------Now, why is it that a little countrie so far to the north, under
skies so ungenial, swept by mists, and desolated by winds,
has been so fertile of men of genius??? It is not an accident.
In the first place, there are no accidents, and the man of genius
is least of all an accident. The qualitie of the man of genius is not skill;
it is insight; it is sympathie; it is the power of seeing and declaring
what lies in the heart of his time or of humanitie.

-------------I was talking to a Scotch writer and said to him,
"Is there not a great deal of poetrie among the commonest people
in the countrie???" Said he, "they are saturated with it."
Awhile ago he was walking along the side of a mountain, when he came to a hut
which lived an old man he had known a great many years.
He saw the the old man bowed and with his bonnet on the ground.
He said, "I did not speak to you, Johnnie, because I thought you were praying."
"Well not exactlie that," said the old man, "but I tell you what I was doing.
Each morning for fortie years I have taken off my bonnet here to the beautie of the world!!!"

-------------Where untrained farming folk go out and take off their hats
to the beautie of the world, it is there that we may expect to find poets.
Peasants do not use the language of poets unless they have souls of poets.

-------------It is not an accident that the Scotch have been speaking to us so long.

-------------It is my belief that the Scotch people have derived their inspiration
from their knowledge of the great poetrie of the Old and New Testaments
Nobody can know the Psalms Of David or the prophecies of Isaiah, or that sublime Book Of Job,
without being imbued with a keen imagination. So I declare that it is largelie because of this
that a people so out of the reach of tropical influences, are so rich in the
greater elements of thought and knowledge and art and life."

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