This coming weekend is the Glasgow September Weekend holiday. This signals the end of Summer and used to mean that lots of people used to go away for the weekend. I don't think it is such a 'big thing' nowadays but anyway we are planning a trip.
On Friday we are heading to Morar up on the West Coast. For Harry Potter fans the steam train to Hogwarts crosses over the viaduct at GlenFinnan. This is the site near which Charles Edward Stuart raised his standard. His actual landing spot on the Scottish Mainland is further west on the "Road to the Isles".
The beach at Morar is known as the 'Silver Sands' and is amazing. Just up the road one can get a ferry to Armadale on Skye.

We will spend a night in Morar (at its only hotel) and on the Sunday we shall head south again along the same road. Once we get to Ballachulish and we shall then enter 'Campbell country' and head to Oban.
We are not sure whether we shall spend more than Sunday in Oban. It does depend somewhat on the weather. Anyway one way or another we shall certainly be visiting Kilmartin Glen with its Stone Circles and Iron Age Kists. At the south end of the glen is Dunadd, which is reputed to be the site where the ancient Kings of Scotland were crowned, there is a foot-shaped spot on a rock where soil from all areas of the land were brought and the new king placed his foot on the gathered soil. There are also traces of ancient writing and an iron Age fort.

We shall also do some wandering around - the boss has not been in this area before - so I hope that the weather holds good.
At some point we shall head for Dunoon, take the ferry to Gourock and then head home.
really looking forward to this trip.
Morar holds a special place in our lives...