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Thread: Daniel McMillin born abt 1768 in Rockbridge County Virginia

  1. Re: Daniel McMillin born abt 1768 in Rockbridge County Virginia

    Sorry for that, I'm tired from working all day on genealogy. Use this spelling on your Daniel & Eleanor....i.e. Elenor Ferguson & Daniel Mcmillon. Use his birth date 1768, & Rockbridge Co., Virginia. They were married on Aug 5, 1795. Also put in his date of death: 28 Mar 1836. At perhaps Fountain City, Indiana. Use many different entries if you have to. Most folks could not spell in those days. Hope you'll apply these hints, as if you do, you'll be successful. So long, Joan
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    HI, Palmieri....Have been onto Fountain County, Indiana sites, & found nothing. On sites such as, and/or , you will find that you can "try" the site for about 14 days. I'd suggest that you do that, & then say you're not interested after you use the site records, etc. I've done some peeking around, but other than their marriage, that's all I found. Joan

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    Thank you all for your responses. I sincerely appreciate it! I have been digging for a year now, and found very little, but that's ok. I think perhaps a DNA test might provide some help, or at least another rabbit trail to venture down. Best wishes everybody!

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