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Thread: Old Typewriters Can Make Pictures

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    Old Typewriters Can Make Pictures

    Recently ES had a link to the 175th Cunard site, but has now been removed.

    Before it was taken off, yesterday I had a very good look at the site, and found it most interesting.

    I remember as a child being taken to the south of the shipyard, which gave a good overlooking view.

    In more recent years, my work took me along the same route, and over a time, I saw the next two ships in the yard.

    I was fascinated by a link in the web program, showing a picture which was made by a Glasgow lady. It was made using a typewriter !!

    I have found links which will give some idea as to my interest and amazement !!

    I can not show the picture of the three ships, made by Keria Rathbone, due to copyright.

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