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Thread: The Azores:

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    The Azores:

    Has anyone visited the Azores during the month of October or November ?
    I am thinking of a week or two, aware that the weather might not be great but that time of year fits my budget. A lady recommended that if I go for two weeks I should divide my time between two of the islands.
    I do know the currency used is the "euro" and no idea if the euro comes as coins or is it paper money ?

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    Re: The Azores:

    The euro is the "European" currency and has both notes and coins (cents).
    Sorry I have no idea about the Azores as a holiday destination, other than the language is Portuguese.

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    This is all I know about the Azores....upon returning Stateside from our Air Force assignment in England, i.e., in East Anglia, our plane stopped over in the Azores to refuel. When we came down it was okay, with sun, etc. However when we left, it was raining as hard as in a rain forest, & I remember fear, as we climbed through the black clouds, & came up into the clearer sky above. Very moist atmosphere as I remember down on the ground. Joan

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    Re: The Azores:

    I don't know anything about them either but see


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