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    My Inner Life, Being a Chapter in Personal Evolution and Autobiography by John Beattie Crozier (1898)

    I was adding a page for the name Crozier to the site and then thought I'd do a search to see if there was any other information on the name and that was when I discovered this book.

    Some comments on his work include...

    "This is a work of real ability. It is full of thought, and its style is both forcible and clear. The reader is borne on a stream of strong thinking from point to point, until at last, when he pauses to get a little mental breath, he finds that he baa been doing almost as much thinking as the author himself, so stimulating and suggestive is the book, and bo full is it of discrimination; vigorous, and subtle ideas .... This rich and suggestive book."
    - Inquirer.

    "There can be no doubt, we think, that Mr. Crozier has put his finger upon the weak point in the speculations of previous writers, and that he has himself laid hold of the right method for the adequate treatment of his subject .... The work is one of real and pre-eminent merit, and will deservedly take a high place in the class of literature to which it belongs."
    Scottish Review.

    And so I felt this book would make an interesting read.

    You can download this from the Crozier page at

    I might also add that I found another book with Crozier in the name but not about the family but I've also added that to the page as well. It's called "Historical Notices of St Fillan's Crozier" and of the Devotion of King Robert Bruce to St. Fillan by John Stuart, LL.D. (1877)


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    Re: Crozier

    Thank you for the recent up dates of books, with a great of information, which will keep my readings for months !!

    Recently you also had a book, in which there was a reference to the name BROWN including 'Rev John Brown and his Self Interpreting Bible'.

    His family history on his daughters side, continued with her son and more information, and I found he became a minister in Falkirk. I intend look in more detail, with our local historians.

    Thanks - Ranald
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