For many centuries Religion has been very important to Scots and Scotland. You really can't read about her history without religion being discussed. This is why we have a large Religion section on the site at:

Recently I've added a couple of publications to the site...

Scottish Christian Herald at:
Scottish Congregational Magazine at:

Between them you have 7 volumes worth of issues to read.

Thing is that since World War II the Christian Religion has been on a severe decline in Scotland as indeed it has all over the world. I suspect that in the years ahead we'll be researching this decline and trying to decide whether it was a positive or negative aspect to living your life.

Where I have been adding biographies to the site I have noted most of the people had a bible in their home and in many cases it was the basis for learning to read and write. It was thus one common aspect of young lives when they went to school.

I found these publications interesting but i didn't read them all but I enjoyed some of the articles and hope you do as well.