Hey to all... Having moved to a city now for the past "about a year & a half", I am restrained in just what I am able to plant. Condo associations have rules! So, having my kitty Bimby here, I decided to do an experiment. I had some "old" seeds of catnip, from 2013 seed season. Decided what the heck...I'll plant them in a large pot out on my patio. Guess who gets to pull tiny catnip plants to feed my cat??? Hah! I also have bought a few plants, & somewhat secretly have planted them in what ground I can scrounge, in front of my home. I also have a hanging basket of some flowers such as geraniums, & petunias. I did put out my hummingbird feeder, but only saw "what I thought might be" a bird coming down, while I was standing there watering flowers. Not sure IF it was a hummer. The ones I fed over in Indiana seemed to be smaller, & they actually had their battles over feeders over my head...as I'd stop to rest on porch after cutting grass. Have pots of petunias & such also on patio. Our summer here has been extremely HOT, & MUGGY, and I believe my plants are taking a beating. They do not look good. I am continuing to work as volunteer for our Animal Adoption Foundation, & appear to have made some friends. Thinking of you all. For now..Joan

PS: By the way, seeds of catnip look like grains of black pepper.