Still having problems with my eyes. Cassandra is typing this for me. essentially i will be getting an appointment with a specialist in London Ontario, who will fix my eyesight as he has done it before.

I have been watching the terrible bushfires in Australia, and I hope all our friends in Australia are safe and well. I know also the terrible plane crash in Iran.

Just to say that I am getting lots of help in chatham. I have people helping make meals in the morning and evening, also people helping me with my injections. Whenever I get the surgery from the specialist, I will hopefully get back to work next week. I have been able to get up thanks to Cassandra, the beth's newfangled family tree section B up. Also note the Buchannan newsletter is available for January 2020. It was mistitled October 2019. It is still titled as October on the news letter, but it is in fact the January 2020 newsletter.

Thanks to Cassandra for typing this for me.