Making progress with getting my eyesight restored, I was actually able to read a few emails last night with some difficulty I admit. I was going to reply to one but I realized that I can't read the keys to the keyboard. I am going to order up a new keyboard that the vision loss people have shown me. I have an eye appointment later today where I expect to get another injection which hopefully will get rid of the blood in my eye and restore my sight.

On the international front the last that I have heard Australia has still been affected by heavy rains which I believe is extended to New Zealand. I haven't heard if the bush fires are still on in Australia but given the rain I believe that they have gone out. High winds have been battering the UK with high rain which apparently is from Canada.

Canada is experiencing a major shutdown of its rail network (VIA) and has been for the last two weeks this is mainly due to a gas pipeline being built in BC a somewhat difficult situation due to the truth and reconciliation in Canada with the First Nations people whom are indigenous , these are some of the protesters that are illegally blocking the railways from Nova Scotia to northern Canada to BC, this is having a major hit on the Canadian economy and 14000 people have been laid off so far suppliers of propane is low in northern Canada as a result.

A note with interest one of the First Nations chiefs has called for better education given to immigrants about the first nations people history and treaties this is somewhat ironic as you have noticed over the years I have complained as lack of information of the First Nations people is provided, I hope that when I get my eyesight back I will be able to email that chief and he will give me better information. All the information that I have on (electric Canadian) I had to research myself, as not one tribe has agreed to provide any to me.

I would also note that some of the indigenous people support the pipeline in BC.

The Conservative party wants the protesters arrested where as the other parties want more talks clearly there is a limited time to get this resolved before people run out of food and can't warm their homes. I think Justin Trudeau is in a poor situation politically not only on this issue but also on building a huge new oil production plant in Alberta thus giving a major change to his climate change plans, he is also under pressure on the Covo19 virus as a slowness in repatriating Canadians overseas for example the cruise ship in Japan where as the USA has done better with helping there citizens so there are tough times for the prime minister.

I'm afraid I know very little how BREXIT is doing as I only have CBC, CTV as well as BBC for my source of news information. I look forward to getting up to date when I get my sight back.

Things are heating up in the USA on the political front especially in the democratic party it seems that the left wing Bernie Sanders is currently in the lead but the moderate Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire, is rising fast in the polls.

That is about it for this weekend again thanks to Matt for typing this in for me.