My eye sight is getting much better and I can now read most of the emails I get in but typing is still an issue. Where there is a link in an email I can't read it as i can't make out blue on white. I hope that by next week I'll be back to adding content to the site.

I aim to get the books by Stan Bruce up first as that is the oldest email I've not been able to deal with. Stop Press... I've been able to get through four books that stan sent in and you can see them below the books section at:

The books are:

Elissa built by Alexander Hall & Co. 1877
1851 Alexander Hall Lifeboat model
Thyatira built by Walter Hood & Co, 1867
St Helena built by Hall Russell Ltd. 1990

This week I have been able to add the latest copy of Beth's Newfangled Family Tree. I also got up the Clan Henderson newsletter. I note that the Covid19 virus is spreading and is likely is to be called a pandemic in the near future. I note that the advice is to always have a minimum four weeks supply of medicines and also food and you will likely be fine.

As to medicines I am on new diabetic oral medicines and also insulin. Also a new blood glucose meter reader. This means I've had to adjust my routine. And so given the progress this past week I hope I'll mostly be back to more like normal by next week.

As to Electric Canadian I have a new column up called the "Canadian Curmudgeon" which is a column from a Canadian with good knowledge of politics and the Canadian way of life who will be anonymous but will from time to time post commentary on what is happening in Canada.