Good morning this 21st day of June . . .

I am so happy to welcome you back this first full day of summer . . . with optimism growing under the warmth of the blue skies. Even with all the heavy news and worries in the media about death and politics and divisions, people seem to have a lighter step and growing optimism for all that troubles our world.

The premier is talking about school opening and Sick Kids tells us how important it is for that to happen . . . but it is not just the children who need each other to play with and trade secrets and work together. We adults need it as well. One of the challenges in the months ahead will be regaining trust that it is safe to meet those needs: and to do it in a way that is safe for everyone. And yet, we know that people, being people, some will not play by the rules and some innocent people will pay for it. But it is worth the risk.

So gird your loins and take the chance.

In the Fall we will be back to Church with a whole new set of rules and ways of worshipping. In the meantime, open your heart to a new world in which we spend more time worrying about our neighbour and less about ourselves. A time when we strip away the unnecessary time wasters that have filled our days and fill our time with worthwhile chores and time for others. Take time for those important people that we have learned how much we have missed over this time of isolation. Plan something special for them. Set time aside for important things that never seemed so important. Set aside your cell phone and your tablet and your emails and your texts and Facebook and all those other time consumers. Instead, look into the eyes of someone you care for and explore all the mysteries that are lost when divided by the ether world.

God bless and keep you and love you until next Sunday . . . when I will be looking and hoping for you once again.


Nola Crewe
Rector – St Monica’s Anglican Church
Grand Prior Canada – OSMTH